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I'm a photographer on a mission to find beauty in everyday life.
Got my first camera when I was seven. Been passionate ever since.

Travel photography is a lonely man’s business. So they say in many books of the matter. You’re better off leaving the family at the hotel or by the pool. The books are written by the masters of the trade who know what they are talking about.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with them. I’ve done my bit of traveling solo. I don’t want to do it anymore if I don’t have to. I go where my family goes. And if I want to be a travel photographer, I’ll do it on the terms of the family. 

I first met Jukka Heinovirta a few years ago.  Many of his photographs of rural Finland evoke emotions of being out in the rugged landscape, taking in the cold, the ice and the snow.  The ...

Interview with Jukka Heinovirta - a collection of images from

Finnish Photographer based in Northern Finland, Travel &Landscape: Jukka Heinovirta

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